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At Dairy Pack we develop intelligent solutions based on FFS and FS technology, ranging from 4,000 - 54,000 cups / hour.

Our customers can find different systems in our machines such as decoration, total/partial or top/bottom labelling, additional dosing elements (cookies, cereals, breadsticks, sauces, tea spoons, etc).

We offer our customers innovative solutions, such as dosing systems based on ceramic plates.

Our design philosophy is oriented toward options that are -easy to use- and highly reliable.

FFS MACHINES (Form, Fill & Seal)

At Dairy Pack we offer extensive experience in thermoforming equipment development for the packaging of different products, mostly dairy. This kind of equipment requires special sanitary solutions, with quality standards that are increasingly demanding.

FFS machines can be divided into Series 1 and 7 Series.

Series 1
Series 7

FS MACHINES (Fill & Seal)

Complying with the same hygienic and sanitary requirements as thermoforming machines, FS machines can be adapted for limited production at considerably lower costs than FFS machines, which makes them a very attractive and viable option when launching new products.

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