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Dairy Pack installs new means of production.

Bilopack machinery division located at Lardero (La Rioja), plans to assign 200,000 € between 2014 and 2015 to improve its machinery and facilities.

As part of the investments planned for 2014, Bilopack machinery division has started to install a new machining center.

Dairy Pack is willing to improve productivity and to expand its capacity to manufacture its own parts with this acquisition.

Dairy Pack focuses its activity on the design and manufacture of FS and FFS machines as well as in the development of post-packaging solutions.

Synerlink (Machinery Division)
Pol. Ind. La Variante  ·  C/ Monte de la Pila nº 17
26140, Lardero (La Rioja, Spain)
Phone: +34 941 452 197  ·  Email:
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